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Sat Nam, Friends! 

As we release old patterns and ways of thinking during this time of great change, we have the wonderful opportunity to reinvent our lives and the world around us. The baggage we have been carrying has been the norm for thousands of years. The dawning of the Aquarian Age invites us to refresh our perceptions and our priorities. The time of using control and domination to feel secure is beginning to end. The doors of partnership, equality and sustainability are gradually opening over a period of generations. 

As we continue to release and reinvent over time, consider meditating with us in your home for two and a half hours this Saturday to balance and open to the creative flow of the universe to nourish the radiance of your soul. 

We will meditate in prime meditation hours (4:30-7:15 AM) before the mind kicks into its busiest daytime state. A longer meditation like this is a great de-stressor. This meditation has no cost, and the zoom link will be posted at as well as below. We will do 15 minutes of yoga to warm up the body before sitting to clean our minds. 

During this special time of year, we are encountering an energetic deadline to change the way we think, view reality, and understand how to create the next step. It is ideal to put energy into what is already clear for you, as this is both an individual task as well as a collective one. The mantra we will be using helps to open the heart center to create patience with others, balance the pressures, and open our intuition to see if we are on the right track and being supported in our progress towards a new vision. Having a future vision for your personal future is extremely important as it will give meaning and purpose to any challenge or struggle you are experiencing as you move forward under the pressure of these times.  

This chant is Guru Guru Wahe Guru, Guru Ram Das Guru which is known for protection, guidance and helping to make the impossible possible. It is chanted with five repetitions on one breath. This mantra along with many others is considered to be part of a sound current that can open us to our inner knowing through the movement of the navel and the tongue on the upper palate which stimulates the hypothalamus and pituitary to adjust brain chemistry helping us to become more aware.  

Please let anyone know who might like to be included–everyone is welcome–whether you come for part or all of the chanting. Visualize in gratitude the rejuvenation of all aspects of your life already manifesting, and vibrate that feeling with good to all, and in the awareness of the one universal source energy flowing through each of us.   

Your outer world reflects your inner nucleus and subconscious vibrating and projecting over time to help manifest your present. If you want to change or improve your outer reality, it always takes effort, but the biggest leverage comes if you start by planting a seed/your vision and new intentions within. 

Much love, 

Deva Kaur, GuruSangeet & Karen

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