Posture:  Sit in Easy Pose, with a straight spine, and apply Neck Lock.

Mudra: Make a solid fist of the right hand. Raise it to shoulder level with the forearm vertical and the palm facing forward. Raise the left hand up so that the forearm is vertical. Extend the left wrist so the palm faces upward and the fingers point to the left. The fingers are straight and the palm is flat.

Consciously hold the hand positions. The left hand will tend to relax from its position, but keep it steady. Honest effort will bring the best results.

Eyes: Look at the tip of the nose.

Breath: Long, slow deep breath. Inhale and exhale consciously, with control. On the exhale, suspend the breath out as long as you can, with the Navel Point pulled in firmly and the diaphragm lifted. When you can no longer hold the breath out, and before you experience any strain, inhale deeply and slowly. Continue this breath pattern.

Time: 11 minutes. You can gradually extend this time to 31 minutes to deepen its effect.

TO END: Rapidly inhale and exhale twice (2 seconds inhale, 2 seconds exhale) and then inhale, and suspend the breath for 10 seconds, stretch both hands up and tighten the body. Exhale and relax.

Hints for Practice and Mastery

As you hold the breath out and become absolutely still. Fell the spine as a staff of light that extends to infinity and attracts the flow of the whole universe and the blessings of all the saints, yogis and healers. The key to this meditation is the pressure that arises when the systematic breath combines with the polarity established in the mudras. It initiates the pulsation of the sixth chakra, and the pituitary, and we become more intuitive. The two hands create a cross flow in the ida and pingala. The steady gaze at the tip of the nose holds the mind. Stay consciously conscious and open the feeling of space and equilibrium in every cell and part of the body. Anywhere there is tension release it. If there is tension, fill your body with energy when you inhale and go into a neutral, content and contained state as you hold the breath out. Consciously let go of any tension, block or fear in the body. The upper glands will gradually adjust and you will go steadily into a deep meditative state.